The Bunk House

We have our house to keep us dry and warm and a place to sleep so we had to fix up a place for them. The following pictures shows their house before and after we made the changes . Now they have a place they can call their own.

This is the place we had to do a little work on so we can make a nice place for them to stay in.

When we got my bike it was no problem getting it in and out. But come October we was getting the wife's bike so we needed a plan.

Well we got an idea lets cut a hole 7' wide x 6'4" height, so out comes the reciprocating saw and I started cutting. Well it didn't look to bad so we found a door company to install a roll up door. The door man came out about 4 days later (by himself) and had the door installed and working great in about 3 hours. The door looks good and is easy to open and close.

Then we notice a small problem we needed a ramp. Now keep in mind I'm far from being a carpenter. Well after trying to figure out a few angles and dangles and trying to cut straight lines we got a ramp built. Check out the pictures below, don't look to bad :-).

'A Full House With A Pair Of Aces'




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