Carlsbad Caverns
New Mexico

Carlsbad Cavern, with one of the world's largest underground chambers and countless formations, is highly accessible, with a variety of tours offered year-round.

The Cave - A Journey Underground
Your encounter with Carlsbad Caverns National Park begins in the Chihuahuan Desert of the Guadalupe Mountains. But beyond the somewhat familiar surroundings of rugged mountains and broad plains is another world. Away from the sunlight, away from the flowering cactus, away from the songs of the desert birds and the howl of the coyote, lies the celebrated underground world of Carlsbad Cavern. It is an incomparable realm of gigantic subterranean chambers, fantastic cave formations and extraordinary features. The first adventurers entering Carlsbad Cavern had no idea what to expect as they walked, crawled and climbed down into the darkness. Today many of the wonders of Carlsbad Cavern are well known, yet the experience of exploring its chambers is every bit as exciting.

The Big Room Route.
The basic tour through Carlsbad Cavern is the Big Room Route, a one mile, self guiding, underground stroll around the perimeter of the largest room in the cave, the Big Room. Taking approximately one hour, this circular route passes many large and famous features including Bottomless Pit, Giant Dome, Rock of Ages and Painted Grotto. Highly decorated and immense, the 14 acre Big Room is a "must see" tour for all visitors to the park. Access to the Big Room is provided by elevators located in the visitor center. The relatively level and well lighted trails make this the ideal tour for visitors with limited time or walking difficulties. The Big Room is accessible to wheelchairs, with a special map available at the visitor center information desk.

Some of the site that can be seen
Natural Entrance Devils Den
Witches Finger Iceberg Rock
Green Lake Room Kings Palace
Queens Chamber Papoose Room
Boneyard Jim White Tunnel
Hall of Giants Giant Dome

Rest Rooms and Restaurant (have lunch 750 feet below ground) also available under ground.

Photos from our visit to Carlsbad Caverns
Please excuse the quality of the pictures. Since its so dark in the cavern our flash wasn't adequate enough and I have brighten the photos as best as could.

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