Center Hill Dam

Center Hill Lake is located in the Cumberland River Basin, on Caney Fork River, and covers parts of DeKalb, Putnam, White, and Warren Counties in Tennessee. It controls the runoff from a drainage area of 2,174 square miles. The dam was completed for effective flood control operation in 1948. The 250-foot high dam is a combination concrete and earth structure with a gate spillway. Each of its eight gates is 50 feet wide. A permanent pool is provided at elevation 618 feet above mean sea level, and has a water surface of 14,590 acres. From that level to elevation 648, corresponding to the crest of the spillway, a capacity of 492,000 acre-feet is reserved for the generation of hydroelectric power. Except in periods of unusual drawdown, the pool is held in the vicinity of the spillway crest where it covers an area of 18,220 acres and extends approximately 64 miles upstream. From the spillway crest to the top of the gates, a storage capacity of 762,000 acre-feet is normally held empty for the temporary retention of flood flows. At the top of the gates, elevation 685, the reservoir covers an area of about 23,000 acres and contains a total of more than two million acre-feet of storage. The lake has 342 miles of shoreline at the power pool stage.

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