Middlegate, Nevada

Doing some searching on the internet for things we might want to see or do on our trip we found that Nevada had what they said was "Travel The Loniest Highway In America", actually it was highway US 50. They said you had to travel US 50 and stop in 5 towns along the way and have a this Highway 50 guide signed by the Chamber Of Commerce in each of the 5 towns. The five towns were, Fernley, Fallon, Austin, Eureka, and Ely, at the end you then send it to a place in Nevada and they would send you an Certificate that you did the Lonliest Highway in America and you also would receive a pin.

We started in Fernley (West side of Nevada) and had our paper sign then went on to Fallon and had the paper signed agian. We look at the map and we figured out the Austin was about 110 miles away so it was getting late so we spent the night in Fallon NV. Well let me tell you after leaving Fallon we didn't see a thing but road and some small hills and dirt, nothing, no houses, natta thing. When they say Lonliest they meant lonliest, about after 75 mile we seen a sign for a bar/motel called Middlegate. We stopped there and walk in to the bar and was amazed by what we seen. The ceiling was covered with one dollar bills, American, Canadian, Germany, Neatherlands, Japan and more and everyone had something written on them peoples names and etc. The owner told us that the thought behind the money on the ceiling is that if you ever came back to Middlegate that if you broke you would at lease have a buck on the ceiling for a drink. After leaving we wonder how much was up there.

The rest of the trip through the remaining towns we had temps around 40�, light freezing drizzel, snow fluerries and 35/40 mile wind. It was a cold ride but we enjoyed the trip.

Oh by the way we're still waiting for our Certificate and Pin.

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