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Everette's taking pictures of all my friends. If he hasn't taken yours yet tell him its your turn and he'll be happy to take your picture, and of course I will be too.

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This is my sweetheart, Elise
she rides with Chuck
This is Clyde
he rides with Tim & Susan
This is the POW/MIA Bear
rides with David & De Anna
This is M he
rides with James & Sally
This is Woody JR he
rides with Woody & Cindy

Below are pictures of friends I made while riding with Everette on his bluewing

James Gator Dennis
David Cliff Chuck & Elsie
Chuck Christel Randy
Nancy/td> Michael Michael
Martha Lisa Linda

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Ken Jeff Virgal
Travis Tim Ted
Susan Selena Sally & Elsie
Sally Rick Richard
De Anna Jessie Tom
Paul Rachel Sue

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Hayley Gavin Dori
Dennis Darlene Curt
Charley Anna Wayne
Traci Sybil Sid
Samantha Richard Randall
Melinda Kathy Heather
Larry Mark Steve

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