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After about 25 years I thought I would like to start riding a motorcycle again. So I did a little shopping and in June we found the 2000 Honda Shadow Ace 750 Deluxe. I truely love this bike it rides and handles like a dream. Well after about a month Robyn thought she might also like to have one so in October we bought her a 2001 Honda Shadow Ace 750 Deluxe. She got a red and pearl one, the only difference between hers and mine is that for the year 2001 Honda put the speedometer on the tank and the foot pegs where changed. We really love these bikes, and its so nice to ride together rather than two up. We have been doing quite a bit of riding, here in Tn we have, I believe the best roads and best scenery around. Come and check out our site, here you can find pictures of places we have been and will be. We plan on doing alot of riding next year and we will be posting pictures of our travels here.



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