We are the 'Scooter Tooters' when we ride sometimes we 'Toot'.

Picture this....you just left the restaurant with your riding buddies where you just had that big bowl of beans and all of a sudden you let one lose and you say to your self "boy I'm glad I'm riding my scooter right now nobody will hear it over my my exhaust". Now come on admitt it you know you have done it before. In fact your probably laughing so hard right now your 'tooting'.

Tell us your 'tooting' stories like the time your scooting down the road and you got your new girlfriend on the back and all of a sudden you felt one coming so you tried to hold it but just then you hit a small bump in the road and there it went. You ride a little bit and no comment was made and you thought good she didn't hear it, then at the next stop she tells you "Did you smell that dead skunk back there".

Now here's your chance, send us your "tooting' stories. Yes fill the form out below and we'll post them here so others can read them. While you're at it, why not be a 'Scooter Tooter' just say yes in the form below and we'll make you a 'Life Member' for free and we'll send you your membership number right away.

The Sooter Tooter Club is for everyone who, while Scootin' enjoys Tootin' every now and then.

All information is kept confidential and will not be released to individuals not affiliated with the Scooter Tooters.
Contact information is used only to mail membership cards.

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