Your Tooter Tales

My Tale, I just left a local motorcycle riding clubs annual pinic. They had some great food hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cobb, baked beans, potato salad, they had the works. Well I just ate one great meal(I really overindugled myself) and a few beers and notice the time and had to leave I had to get to work for the afternoon shift at the local Sonic. Well as I pulled out there was a few others leaving also so I rode out with them. On the way we stoppped at the Shell on the corner to get some gas. Well when we pulled up to the pumps I felt a big toot a coming so I just figured what the hell no one would hear it over all the bikes running but as soon as I let it rip everybody shut down their bike and boy when they heard that they just looked at each other and just starting laughing. We were all laughing so hard I thought I was going to bust a gut. I bet that was the funniest looking thing anyone ever seen grown men just rolling on the ground laughing. All and all it was a great day.
ST# 010701-2TN

My Tooter Tale, 65 in a curve, carb farts!!!!!!! bike's buckin and the pucker factor rises!!! Turned out to be hole in the diaphram - carb farts!!!!
ST# 013101-1TX

Not much of a story - It just amazes me that at 60+ miles an haour, riding a scoot with no faring and the wind blowing all 'round ya... Just one lil' toot will go straight out my back side directly to the ol' lady's nose - and hang there for what seems like forever. But, it is her own fault ya know - I give her plenty of warning as I have to raise my ass off the seat a bit to get the toot out - that Harley leather is too thick to toot through!
ST# 021301-1WA

My Tooter Tale, pulled in to gas my scoot a short while after eating at McDonalds... Pulled up to the pump, dismounted my scoot, and in the process ripped a one-cheek-sneak. Sort of giggled about it but, eh, it happens. Got the gas cap off and started fueling up. The guy on the other side of the pump came over... Nice bike, yada, yada, yada... Boy! Smeels like that thing has a catalytic converter problem. I said, what do you mean, it doesn't have one. I then realized that he was right. Smelled like rotten eggs baking in the hot sun. Yup, McDonalds will do it evertime.
ST# 021501-1NC

My Tooter Tale, we stopped as a group after a short ride. I lifted off my seat to "stretch my legs" and..toot! I did not say anything I just acted like it did not happen. We stopped for lunch and one of the riders asked if I had smelt that smell as if someone dropped in their pants at that last stop. I just agreed with him and we laughed about it. I never did take the blame for that one.
ST# 030801-1CA

My Tooter Tale, me and the buds had a big night out on the town riding and raising cane. Had a few beers than decided it was time to call it a night. Stopped in at our favorite eating hole White Castle. After the beers and the gut burgers, OUT it came "Boy im sure glad for straight pipes".
BillyBobs Girl
ST# 031404-5TN

My Tale, The wife and I were out riding one afternoon. I got to feeling one headed for the door. I just leaned forward and away it went. I knew I felt better. All the wife asked was, "Is you back hurting?" My reply was, "Not any more!"
ST# 030905-2NC

Tooter Tale, Was riding back from Arkansas in Kentucky, it was night during a thunderstorm, raining hard, had to toot real bad so I let one rip by sitting up off seat, then it dawned on me as I sat back down, I couldn't tell If I tooted, or kapooted since my butt was wet. I stopped on the side of the road, no traffic, late at night on Parkway, Toll road, and got in front of bike dropped my drawers to make sure I hadn't kapooted in my britches. Moral of story, Don't toot in a thunderstorm.
Carlos Boliche
ST# 032905-1KY

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